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Bike Fitting

Bike Fitting with EA Bicycles

A bike fit is a tailored adjustment of your bicycle to match your unique body geometry and riding style. By optimizing factors like saddle height, handlebar position, and pedal alignment, a proper bike fit enhances comfort, reduces the risk of injuries, and maximizes pedaling efficiency. This personalized alignment ensures that your body is in an optimal position, allowing you to ride longer, faster, and with improved overall performance.

EA Bicycles Fitting Packages

Our new Bike Fitting is discounted with any bike purchase.  We find your optimum position and match the perfect bike to you!

With our Fit to Bike Service, we optimize your position on your current bike.  We adjust your bike to the ideal position (this may require additional parts such as a new stem, saddle, handlebars or seatpost).

New Bike Fit


EA Bicycles' Fit Software is utilized along with the principles of bio-mechanics and exercise physiology to determine the optimum riding position, model size, and setup of your new bike. This includes determining the optimum:

Seat Height
Saddle Setback
Handlebar Height
Handlebar Reach
Handlebar Width
Seat and Bar XY Measurements
Deliverables: Precision Fit Software Report, Recommend Bike Model, Stem, Bars, Seatpost and Setup
*This service is included at no charge with a new bike purchase or is refunded if a bike is purchased within 60 days.

Fit to Bike

($100 off with purchase of a new Bike!)

The objective of this fitting service is to optimize your position on your current bike for maximum efficiency, comfort and performance. A Precision Fit Certified Bike Fitter will find the optimal position utilizing motion capture and Precision Fit software. This includes determining the optimum:

Cleat Position
Seat Height
Saddle Setback
Handlebar or aero pad height
Handlebar or aero pad reach
Handlebar Width and Reach
With Tri Bike Pad Width and Extension Reach
Seat, Bar and Pad XY Measurements
Deliverables: Dartfish Motion Capture Video Analysis, EA Bicycles' Fit Software Report.

Additional Fitting Services

Saddle Fit 

 This service includes measuring sit bone width, assist with proper saddle selection and installation of the bike saddle. Demo saddles are available for test rides up to 48 hours.

Fit Checkup

 Our bicycle fit check assess your current fit and determines if it is time for a new bike fitting or a full bike fitting. The fee is credited if a new bike is purchased or a bike fitting is conducted in 30 days.

Cleat Install

 Install and adjust your cleat to the proper angle and fore and aft position. While riding your bike on a trainer, we use a laser level to check knee, ankle, and foot tracking.

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